Accompanied by: Momma Razzi
Signature Maneuver: Diaper Drop

Consummate showman Thomas Foolery was reading the Weekly paper one morning when his eyes were met with the headline: “World’s largest baby born, seeks immediate employment.” He then contacted the Momma Razzi with a great business opportunity. Though at first hesitant to allow her infant son to enter the squared circle, she soon realized that fame and fortune would follow if her son was successful. Since then, Baby Gaga has taking his share of victories, and is a force to be reckoned within the SCR.


Ophidian the SnakeOphidian the Snake

Hometown: Ancient Egypt
Signature Maneuver: Cobra Clutch, 450 Snake Splash

A veteran of SCR battle, the master of “Snake Style” lucha has traveled through time and space to capture the Squared Circle Revue Championship.



PogoPogo The 1 Legged Boy

Hometown: Rusty Springs Montana
Signature Maneuver: Pogosault

People are quick to underestimate Pogo because of his age, fun loving demeanor, and unique fighting style. The Unknown Masked Superstar underestimated Pogo and it cost him the Title. Not even old enough to drink, Pogo has held the title many times since then, and continues to be a Squared Circle Revue fan favorite.


sabaSaba Kimba

Hometown: Deepest Darkest Deepest Africa
Signature Maneuver: Kimbasault

On a safari trip through the jungle, Thomas Foolery came upon a lion who had been caught in a hunters trap. Using his knowledge of lion traps, as well as his chicken hat, Thomas freed Saba Kimba and brought him home to compete in the Squared Circle.


sal-silkSal Silk

Hometown: Sicily, Italy
Signature Maneuver: The Smooth Finish

After winning every major award one can win on the smooth leg circuit, Sal Silk decided that wrestling was the obvious choice to bring more fame to the Silk name. With his all leg arsenal, Sal Silk may have the smoothest legs, but he is one rough customer.


The-Unknown-Masked-SuperstarUnknown Masked Superstar

Hometown: Parts Unknown
Signature Maneuver: Greetings from Parts Unknown

Born to Unknown parents, The Superstar has been fighting for a living since he was 9-years-old. In keeping with the tradition of the old carnivals, The Unknown Masked Superstar crashed the very first SCR with a $10,000 Sleeper Hold Challenge. He put every Squared Circle competitor to sleep (including Siamese twins Faye and Kaye Fabian) and then went on to become the first SCR heavyweight champion.



Hometown: Clearwater Fl.
Signature Maneuver: Invisibomb

When the World’s only invisible playboy wrestler isn’t bedding a young starlet, he’s stomping SCR competitors with his invisiboots. One thing that is clearly visible though, is his winning record.